Monday, 31 January 2011

Well after flying all around the world today........

I decided to take a break and go out and play!
And this is what I made,well I have made a couple but this was the
only one that was dry!! It started life as an acrylic domino, I then added alcohol inks,which is totally covered now,so I won't be doing that again! I then added some perfect medium and a layer of UTEE, heated and then added a couple of layers of fantasy film, I forget which one :~(
Then two more layers of UTEE and another layer of fantasy film,( this was all just playing about and seeing what happened if I did this and added that, you gotta love it!) then a final layer of UTEE,then I stamped a moth onto some clear shrink plastic,added gold pen detail and tardarrrr added some of my bargain chain and drilled hole in top and added hook. (the colours are beautiful and the camera has not picked them all out :~(.....)

This is the back of the domino........ Alcohol inks and one layer of UTEE over the top, for that textured finish and rubbed over with mica powders.

Sundays Efforts


Hello and welcome to the One World One Heart event.
This is my first time of being involved in this event and sadly will be my last!
If you would like to participate then please go and check out ONE WORLD ONE HEART to find out all the details.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my name is Jinny and I live in a beautiful part of Devon Uk. I am married with 3 children and have been creating in many shapes and forms, most of my life but about 12 years ago it became a passionate hobby of mine. I do all sorts of arts and crafts,ranging from Encaustic art, card making,scrap booking,ATC's,jewellery making and more recently I have got into altered art,which I love doing. I have collected quite a collection of stash over the years and have now been put outside in our garage! which is mostly where you will find me! A bit cold in the winter but I am happy out there lol.

I have recently taken up the opportunity to do some workshops in a local craft shop and am looking forward to doing that in the new future.

 To recap, to be in with a chance of winning a prize all you have to do now is leave just one comment on this post. The winners will be announced here on my blog on Thursday 17th February - please make sure there‘s a way I can contact you!


A handmade tag,a length of gold ball chain
some rusty old keys and a handmade domino book
celebrating OWOH 2011

<<<<<<< PRIZE 2>>>>>>>>>>>>
A couple of paper doily hearts,a pack of
some beading thread a handmade beaded
embellishment,some wooden hearts and trees
and a tube of lemon seed beads.
                                                                                                                                                     PRIZE 3
A handmade small canvas altered with a love theme.




Friday, 28 January 2011

Friendly Plastic necklace no#2

NO cash but plenty of new stash!!

Well today was the day I went to Exeter TO GO TO THE  Craft4Crafters show!
Totally skint but hay extremely happy bunny!
Picture of what I did buy....and now I have eaten and had a hot cuppa tea,dropped off my mother am off out in to my garage to PLAY.PLAY PLAY 

Have been given an award :~)

                                                                                       A mahusive thank you to Lyn aka Spyders Corner because she has kindly given me an award! My first ever! Now that I have it I have to tell you 8 things about myself and then pass this award on to 8 others. So here we go.............

1} I have been crafting for nearly all my life but seriously for about 12 years.
2] I am 6 ft tall
3]I have size 9 feet
4} I have 3 children,2 girls and a boy
5}I love gardening
6} I love decorating
7}My favourite author is Stephen King  and
8}My craft icon is Sir Tim Holtz (as I get down on my knees and pray) lol

Now i'm going to give this award to 8 other fellow bloggers and all you have to do is the same as I have.

Thanks again Lyn :~)

So my awards go too......drum roll please

Nicky1# Pattie 
8#Mad Margaret

Ok please go check out these blogs,all very talented and interesting blogs :~)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Friendly Plastic necklace

Well managed to grab some time in my favourite place this afternoon and made this necklace, made from Friendly plastic and beads.
I had been given a large framed mirror last year( everyone knows I collect rubbish) which was smashed, so last night I had to move some stuff and saw the mirror,which is now alot more smashed and wondered how I could use the fragments of mirror. So after having a think,wondered if I could incorporate, mirror and FP.......Here is the result :~) I had to be careful of sharp edges but the FP hs cured that problem...Tomorrow it gets to go out with me he he he. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


 Well not much going on at my desk.......
Wednesday work desk

This is what was left over from last night but came in early to watch "Silent Witness" and got too comfy and did not go back out.

 This is my January sales, each piece of chain was 20p each, nothing like a good bargain and I am sure I will use them all at some point. 

 Yesterday helped a friend spring clean and de-clutter her kitchen and hiding away at top of a cupboard were these yummy keys,which she was going to throw away......Can you believe that?? These will defiantly get used...oh yeah!
So if you want to join in the fun,pop over to Stamping ground and start WOYWW,  it's a lot of fun :~)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Large wooden block altered

Large wooden block
 Here is my completed wooden block,which I have named "Butterflies and Lace"
I have done the tin foil technique and then painted it over in yellow ochre and burnt sienna and cream acrylics.
A bit of stencilling with black paint.
Rubbed over with Sir Tim Holtz brown ink pad( you know the one i mean,have brain ache atm),to pick up the detail in the foil technique
stamped  watch, wording and an angel on tissue paper,as you can't stamp straight on to the foil.
Lace added around bottom and same brown ink pad rubbed over the top and wiped with wet paint brush.
Matt and layered vintage images on triple embossed card.
Acetate stamped and embossed butterflies.
Embellishments from my broken jewellery stash.
And little brass hooks to hang jewellery from in all 4 sides and on the bottom and large hook to hang it from.
Phew lol

Monday, 24 January 2011

No pictures yet......

But am working on a large block of wood, have some jobs to do this morning and then I shall brave my cold garage and try to finish it and hope to add some photos.
Hope you all have a good crafty day.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A 40th Birthday Card for a friends daughter

Lots of dabs of paint,painted flowers, oriental flower stamp,with stazon,that is drying up.......embossed 40 with same stamp and UTEE and painted same colours,wiped with copper mica powder and brushed over green leaves with same metallic green paint.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Some finished pieces from today


Well up until today I was a WOYWW virgin!!! I kept seeing this on other crafty blogs and decided it was time to summon up the courage and join in! If you to, would like to join in,you can do so from
I have had fun,being nosey around other like minded peoples work spaces and look forward to next week too.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

She hides behind her mask

I was just playing on a piece of tatty card and this kind of evolved over a couple of days, I had no idea what it was going to be.......

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New fangled technology

Cor blimey what a morning, my daughter got given an ipod from a friend and all she had to do (well bank of mum and dad) had to do was get new ear phones and a new usb lead,so she could charge it up.Well found some really cheap on line and today they came, me being me just thought you could plug it in an play,ohh no did that and the ipod crashed!! Panic set in,thinking how much my daughter was looking forward to playing her new found toy and mummy had killed it. Well after nearly three hours and the help from a friend on facebook,it is done and now charging. Next time will leave the new fangled technology to my daughter!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My art journal

Here is the start of my art journal

Off out to my garage now to create some more mess, it does get rather messy don't it???? and not to mention having no space left to work,which is normally bad enough lol, because your like " oh,what if use this and what if I try that and what if I get this out" ......Still all fun!!

Has started an art journal

Thanks to  I have started an art journal!! I only intended to do the covers of the book as I am an art journal virgin and already I am hooked. Have left my first page drying and being flattened by a rather large book!
Hope to add pictures tomorrow,if I can steal myself away from doing a few more pages!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Latest project

I am hoping that there are before and after pictures of my latest project, I tried earlier and failed,if at first and all that, so here goes!

Oh I do love a good bargain

Went down to the village today and looked in the local hardware shop and they were having a sale and got all the these for a whopping £2.80.....wohooooo

New year, new blog

This is part of a canvas I did for my niece as a Christmas present for her mum. 
Well have promised myself to start blogging again and today I thought I would start a new one!!!