Monday, 31 January 2011

Well after flying all around the world today........

I decided to take a break and go out and play!
And this is what I made,well I have made a couple but this was the
only one that was dry!! It started life as an acrylic domino, I then added alcohol inks,which is totally covered now,so I won't be doing that again! I then added some perfect medium and a layer of UTEE, heated and then added a couple of layers of fantasy film, I forget which one :~(
Then two more layers of UTEE and another layer of fantasy film,( this was all just playing about and seeing what happened if I did this and added that, you gotta love it!) then a final layer of UTEE,then I stamped a moth onto some clear shrink plastic,added gold pen detail and tardarrrr added some of my bargain chain and drilled hole in top and added hook. (the colours are beautiful and the camera has not picked them all out :~(.....)

This is the back of the domino........ Alcohol inks and one layer of UTEE over the top, for that textured finish and rubbed over with mica powders.


  1. This is soooo gorgeous and amazing. I need more 'stuff'!!


  2. Wow! That sounds like a lot of work, but it paid off, as I love it. Looks mysterious!

  3. Sounds like it took you a long time to complete, but it is absolutely gorgeous! Amazing job! :)

    xx Tracey xx

  4. Jinny-your creation is gorgeous! One of the most beautiful I have seen! You're on to something!

  5. Hi Jinny,
    I'm a new fan of you :-) I saw your artwork for OWOH. Your wooden block is so great and also your dominoart

    Hugs from Bine Berlin/Germany

  6. cor this is lovely, great texture and oh so pretty :D


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