Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New fangled technology

Cor blimey what a morning, my daughter got given an ipod from a friend and all she had to do (well bank of mum and dad) had to do was get new ear phones and a new usb lead,so she could charge it up.Well found some really cheap on line and today they came, me being me just thought you could plug it in an play,ohh no did that and the ipod crashed!! Panic set in,thinking how much my daughter was looking forward to playing her new found toy and mummy had killed it. Well after nearly three hours and the help from a friend on facebook,it is done and now charging. Next time will leave the new fangled technology to my daughter!!


  1. Gosh you have to be really careful if using computer charger for the ipod as you can kill it if you don't eject the ipod before unplugging it.

  2. Thanks for the tip Debs....All new to me,shall leave all that to my daughter, will tell her anyway :~)


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